[ Ceramica Continua® ]


A revolutionary patent resulting by the combined research of European and Italian specialists. Ceramica Continua® uses the concept and the qualities of the ceramic and apply them to the flooring proposing a new use of this material in every different space. The philosophy of our brand is to go beyond the simple idea of ceramic as we know, to outclass the idea of a ceramic tiled floor.

Ceramica Continua® is today the one and only floor without junctions. It is the best option on the market thanks to its peculiar features such as the quality, the strenght, the life span also combined with the great beauty of material itself.


L’innovativo trattamento della superficie con esclusivi processi nanotecnologici incrementa la resistenza ai graffi, agli agenti acidi anche aggressivi della superficie Ceramica Continua® aumentandone la resistenza del substrato.
Le nanotecnologie garantiscono anche elevate caratteristiche idrofobiche, riducono la sporcabilità e aumentano la facilità di pulizia.

The revolution of the industrial craftsmanship

Today Ceramica Continua® is the best on the market of seamless floors. This marvellous product is scored by patent for both material and installation. It can be laid down just from our qualified employees, who possess abilities and knowledge, in order to guarantee the right installation and to successfully carry out a product which is beautiful and unique.

This is why we can say that Ceramica Continua® is a very valuable product. From its birth to the installation it is a very unique product thought to be customised on the client needs.

The procedure consists in seven or eight progressive steps, depending on the underlying substrate. Each step provides operational rules that define stability and guarantee the final result. Those layers prevent the formation of cracking, crackling and separation as proved with many tests.

An exclusive procedure guarantee the strength to stabilize the ground with special fibres. These ceramic and minerals fibres are meant to create a very solid carpet in order to cushion potential ground movements without damaging the floor.

The Ceramica Continua® floor then is completed with protective systems and ceramic fillers which ensure the preservation, protecting the floor from scratches and mainly from the use.