Ceramica Continua ECO PLUS 200 is a continuous (jointless) 8-layer flooring system that is 3 mm thick and combines design and technological innovation.
It is perfectly eco-sustainable as it is made with recycled ceramics that, thanks to the use of an innovative patent, combine respect for the environment with a refined and elegant style, while also guaranteeing very high technical performance. Ceramica Continua ECO PLUS 200 is ideal for indoor and outdoor flooring in homes (floors, stairs, shower trays), offices, shops and accommodation facilities. The non-slip finish with a high degree of resistance means this system is also suitable for specific uses in bathrooms, such as shower trays, wellness areas (spa, Turkish baths), terraces and external walkways, also succeeding in enhancing and redefining the style of any environment and context thanks to the unique combination of its characteristics. Its technical characteristics make this system extremely resistant and therefore optimal for use in areas subject to high foot traffic.
Ceramica Continua ECO PLUS 200 also stands out for its excellent performance in combination with underfloor heating, making it an ideal system for energy efficiency and consumption savings. The Ceramica Continua ECO PLUS 200 system has a uniform appearance, enriched by a light natural cloudy and chiaroscuro effect, which is especially evident in the more decisive shades with a finish available in satin and opaque. It is silky to the touch, and, thanks to its ability to reflect and absorb light in an exclusive way, it creates an effect with great depth and breadth within the rooms. Ceramica Continua ECO PLUS 200 is a system created by hand by our skilled craftsmen, therefore the finished surface is of great prestige and has a pleasant natural and material appearance.

Ceramica Continua ECO PLUS 200 is available in all the colours of the Ceramica Continua Collection and can also be made in special colours upon request.

• Indoor flooring
• Outdoor flooring


The CERAMICA CONTINUA system is easy to clean thanks to the great compactness of the compound and an excellent waterproofing coefficient. It is therefore easy to wipe and extremely resistant, even when subjected to frequent washing. In case of contact with particularly aggressive agents such as dyes and acidic or basic substances, it is however recommended to remove the product from the surface immediately. For optimal cleaning and maintenance, it is recommended to use the CERAMICA CONTINUA DETERGENT, a cleaning product designed specifically for CERAMICA CONTINUA surfaces by our team of chemical experts in collaboration with our technicians. It is free from foaming agents and rich in latest generation detergents, guaranteeing easy and very effective cleaning. CERAMICA CONTINUA DETERGENT is available in packs of 6 1 litre bottles with a dispenser or with a spray diffuser and in 5 or 10 litre cans. CERAMICA CONTINUA DETERGENT can be purchased online on the website, at our Showrooms or ordered by sending an email to Thanks to its unique technical characteristics, the surface can be sanitised and subjected to antibacterial treatments frequently.